SAJ Variable Frequency Drive 220V Single Phase Output

SAJ Variable Frequency Drive 220V Single Phase Output

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International chip quality
Adopts high performance IGBT from German Infineon, world's biggest power semiconductor supplier---former semiconductor business unit of Siemens.
Integrated with 32-bit high performance DSP chip from American Texas Instruments and high speed MCU chip from STMicroelectronics
Manufactured in strict accordance with ISO9001:2008 quality management system standards

Excellent performance, full functions
Integrated with sensorless flux vector control, standard V/F control
Rapid dynamic response to quick acceleration/deceleration and rapid braking
Outstanding speed regulation to load fluctuation
Perfect protection such as over temperature, under voltage, over voltage, over load, over current, short circuit protection
Automatic current limiting, voltage limiting to prevent frequent over current/voltage faults in running

Convenient debugging, outstanding efficiency
SAJ frequency converters have more than 500,000 sets application experience. Parameter groups of ATV13 have been optimized with convenient debugging to ensure high performance running.
Built-in RS485 communication interface and braking unit (standard model).


Voltage grade Power
Rated intput
Rated output
Series No.   2: 220V 4: 380V S:single phase Adaptive motor power G: general type  H: standard configuration with brake function and communication function
kW HP T: three-phase
Single phase 220VAC ±15% 0.4 0.55 4.5 2.4 1 8000m - 2 S R40 G H
0.75 1 8.2 4.5 1 8000m - 2 S R75 G H
1.5 2 14.2 7 2 8000m - 2 S 1R5 G H
2.2 3 23 10 2 8000m - 2 S 2R2 G H
Three phase 380VAC ±15% 0.75 1 3.4 2.5 2 8000m - 4 T R75 G H
1.5 2 5 3.7 2 8000m - 4 T 1R5 G H
2.2 3 5.8 5 2 8000m - 4 T 2R2 G H