SAJ High Effiency Inverter 220V 380V Three Phase Converter

SAJ High Effiency Inverter 220V 380V Three Phase Converter

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PD20 series pump drive is a brand new generation high end smart all-in-one high protection product developed independently by SAJ. Dust and water proof, it can be installed on junction box of pump motor in various brands. Various kinds of sensor signal can be connected in. The system is easy to operate with good reliability, low noise, superior performance. Equipped with dual independent RS485 interface and RTC, it can realize multipump( main and host drive) control. When the main drive controls host drives with RS485, it can also communicate with other smart devices or upper machine by the other RS485.

1.Supper high protection
a.Excellent dust and water proof effect
b.Light and stable

2.Designed by international standard certification
a.CE certification, supporting export

3.Full water supply function
a.Dual 485, suitable for monitoring+multi-connection
b.RTC function,timing edition of applications
c.Fully improve dedicated functions of pumps

4.Appearance design concept derived from Europe
a.Elaborate design, good quality

b.Precise manufacture, realible


Voltage ClasskWHPRated Input Current (A)Rated Output Current (A)Size No.Series No.
2:220V 4:380VS:single-phase       T:three-phaseAdaptive motor power
Single Phase 220VAC 0.7518.24.51PD20 -2SR75
1.5214.271PD20 -2S1R5
2.2323101PD20 -2S2R2
Three Phase 220VAC 0.7513.42.51PD20 -4TR75
1.5253.71PD20 -4T1R5
2.235.851PD20 -4T2R2
451092PD20 -4T004
5.5715132PD20 -4T5R5
7.51020172PD20 -4T7R5
111526253PD20 -4T11
1520.435323PD20 -4T15
18.525.238383PD20 -4T18R5